Get the Products You Want in the Way You Prefer

With a comprehensive and digital order management system, you can get the products you want faster and easier. We have the operational strength and flexibility to accommodate urgent delivery requirements when necessary.
Convenient Pick-up
If you prefer to pick up your RIIFO products, we will arrange this for you. With step-by-step pickup instructions, you can quickly and easily pick up your order at your local RIIFO warehouse.
*Delivery time and efficiency may vary by region.
72-Hour Delivery
Our delivery for all in-stock items is fast and convenient. In most areas, we offer 72-hour courier delivery for in-stock products. Once your order is processed, delivery will begin within 72 hours*.


Continuous Commitment to Every Customer

With a continuous commitment to the global market, RIIFO customer service meets the various needs of customers.
Product Liability Insurance

We protect the legal rights and interests of our customers. Therefore, we have taken out a product liability insurance policy with Allianz, one of the world's leading insurers, with a coverage amount of 10 million USD. 

25 Years Product Warranty

Our products are covered by a 25-year product warranty. We guarantee high quality and support you with a long-term warranty.


Accurate Product Data & Efficient Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) relies on digitalization. BIM-tailored product data and BIM-based design offered by a professional team are available for both buildings and infrastructure projects.

BIM Modeling

RIIFO offers BIM models of its entire product range. Previewing of BIM models can make your job easier. Easy access to data in multiple languages also helps designers find information quickly.

BIM Design

Supported by the latest RIIFO BIM solution, we provide highly efficient and practical design. It reduces the risk of costly design errors and increases the quality of your project planning.

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