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Multilayer Gas Piping System

Integrating the advantages of plastic and metal pipes with a 5-layer design, RIIFO Gas Piping System has the stronger performance to prevent gas leakage and fire. RIIFO offers a high-quality, reliable, and safe piping solution for gas distribution.

Multilayer Gas Piping System

Safe and Sound

  • Multi-layered construction (5 layers) with aluminum inserted in the middle for a leak-proof system
  • High gas and chemical resistance material
  • Can withstand more than 30 hours of operation at very high temperatures and pressure, 80°C and 2MPa respectively

Excellent Temperature & Pressure Resistance

Can withstand up to 10bar working pressure (butt-welded)

Can withstand up to 60° C working temperature

Various Multifunctional Gas Valves

  • Unique design and automatic setting for safe use
  • Durability

Various Connections

  • A comprehensive range of fittings from 16mm to 75mm with variable connection options
  • Fast and easy to install
  • High-quality sealing materials

Material Elasticity and Stability

Can keep its form after bending

Fast and easy to install

Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

Extreme acidity and alkalinity tolerance

Durable, Stable, and Reliable

Excellent performance in oxidation, corrosion, and chemical resistance
50 years product lifespan

Safe & Certified Pipes and Fittings

Limited product liability insurance of up to US$ 10 million from Allianz
25 years product warranty

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