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PEX Plumbing System

RIIFO PEX Plumbing System, widely used in residential and commercial buildings, is an ideal piping solution for plumbing. With excellent flexibility and durability, it meets the standards such as CSAB137.5, ASTM876, ASTMF877, etc.

PEX Plumbing System

Chlorine Resistance

  • 100% chlorine resistance at 140 ˚ F
  • 50 years product lifespan

Low-Conductivity & Non-Corrosive

  • Low thermal conductivity (0.38 W/mk) to reduce heat loss and condensation
  • Corrosion resistance

High Temperature and Pressure Resistance

  • High pressure resistance of up to 10bar
  • High temperature resistance of up to 95℃
  • Safe and hygienic

Flexible and Durable

  • Fast recovery rates
  • High recovery ratios

Low Temperature Resistance

It is functional at low temperatures without cracking
*It's recommended that do not use it for applications lower than 55⸰ F

Easy and Fast to Install

  • Ultra-flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Fewer fittings required
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Leak-proof

Durable, Stable, and Reliable

Excellent performance in oxidation, corrosion, and chemical resistance
50 years product lifespan

Safe & Certified Pipes and Fittings

Limited product liability insurance of up to US$ 10 million from Allianz
25 years product warranty

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