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HDPE Water Supply

RIIFO Infrastructure Piping System is a new plastic pipe material mainly made of high-quality polyethylene resin. It is widely used in municipal water supply, agricultural irrigation, wastewater discharging, etc.  

HDPE Water Supply

HDPE Water Supply

  • Non-toxic and non-scaling premium grade material (PE100)
  • High corrosion and erosion resistance for added durability
  • Smoother inner wall versus cement and steel pipes for faster and consistent water flow
  • Reliable and easy connection process using socket, butt, and electro fusion welding for quick installation
  • Ideal plumbing material for installation and rehabilitation of plumbing systems with trenchless applications
  • Flexible material ideal for application with ground movement such as earthquake, railroad vibration, and alike
  • Better tensile yield strain rating (+8%) than metal pipes


  • New building and renovation
  • Industrial application for liquid raw material delivery
  • Ore sand, coal ash, and river dredging application
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Recycled and reclaimed water delivery system

Durable, Stable, and Reliable

Excellent performance in oxidation, corrosion, and chemical resistance
50 years product lifespan

Safe & Certified Pipes and Fitting

Limited product liability insurance of up to US$ 10 million from Allianz
25 years product warranty

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