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PVC Drainage System

RIIFO PVC Drainage Piping System features the advantages of high impact resistance, low noise, and smooth inner wall. It is widely used for high-rise building drainage. In addition, it is certified by famous Standards Certification Organizations like CE for its reliability and safety.

PVC Drainage System

Optimized Drain Flow Capacity-RIIFO PVC Solid Drainage Pipe

  • Smooth inner wall construction reduces water flow resistance to maximize water volume flow
  • 30% more efficient versus traditional cast iron pipes with the same pipe diameter

Acoustic Features for Low-Noise Operation

  • Double-layered construction with a hollow honeycomb and helical shape inner and outer wall design for stiffer pipes
  • Significant water flow noise reduction versus ordinary pipes of up to 15 dB

Flame Retardant Material

  • High flame retardant rating for added users' safety
  • 30 seconds self-extinguishing feature

Material Stability and Durability

  • Passed simulated flexibility test for guaranteed product stability and durability
  • High impact resistant system structure for longer product performance
  • Guaranteed product stability and durability

Comprehensive Range of Pipes and Fittings

  • A complete pipe and fittings range for users and installers' convenience
  • With its lightweight features, the system is quick and easy to install

Durable, Stable, and Reliable

Excellent performance in oxidation, corrosion, and chemical resistance
50 years product lifespan

Safe & Certified Pipes and Fittings

Limited product liability insurance of up to US$ 10 million from Allianz
25 years product warranty

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