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RIIFO EU & RIIFO UK made their debut at MCE 2022

The return of the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort successfully came to an end on July 1st following a four-year hiatus. The entire RIIFO EU Team and RIIFO UK Team were thrilled to make their debut at one of the biggest global piping events. Covering a multitude of piping products like plumbing, drainage, underfloor heating, and more, RIIFO’s comprehensive piping solutions drew widespread attention during this four-day show. 

The RIIFO EU and the RIIFO UK Team at MCE 2022

Our sincere attitude is fully presented in the booth design 
With a genuine desire to get closer to all visitors, RIIFO’s booth was specially designed with white as the main color and featured a fully open layout that allowed everyone to easily view our products. Total product systems were also hung on the walls so visitors could effortlessly understand how our piping systems work in real-life scenarios. 

RIIFO booth at MCE 2022

Comprehensive piping solutions all under a single brand, RIIFO
Differing from previous fairs, RIIFO at MCE 2022 fully presented its “comprehensiveness”, complete piping solutions under a single brand. Multiple specifications for a single product, one fitting compatible with a wide range of pressing profiles, multiple fittings compatible for different jointing pipes, and extensive product portfolios available to complete any reliable piping system. The comprehensive piping solutions allow for the delivery of more reliable and leak-proof piping systems in diverse applications. This is made possible because RIIFO has different pipes and fittings under a single brand and can systematically and effectively match every piece.

RIIFO products getting attention from visitors

We strive to close the distance with our clients 
During the fair, the RIIFO EU and the RIIFO UK Teams introduced our high-quality products and services in detail to thousands of visitors. Gert Schuermans, RIIFO EU’s General Manager, said: “The European piping market is boiling and there are many opportunities. For example, Multilayer Composite Pipes are accepted in many European countries. RIIFO Multilayer Plumbing System undoubtedly offers a fantastic option to all customers in this great market. In addition to offering comprehensive piping solutions, the entire RIIFO EU Team will continuously listen to our clients, learn what customers need, and react quickly.”

Gert Schuermans, RIIFO EU General Manager, is introducing products to visitors

The successful showing at MCE 2022 is RIIFO’s first step towards the European market, but our path of global development won’t stop there. Setting up 14 subsidiaries around the world is our way of closing the distance with our global clients. We will keep forging ahead, offering responsive, attentive, and valuable customer-oriented services to make our piping products more accessible for everyone.